SSP Student Awards and Grants

The SSP provides two student awards each year at the Annual Meeting,  the Bryd-Dunn Graduate Student Paper Award and Ciordia-Porter-Stewart Undergraduate Paper Award.  Invitations to submit a student paper are announced during the Call for Abstracts for each upcoming Annual Meeting.  Recipients receive a plaque and monetary award.

Bryd-Dunn Graduate Student Paper Award

Year Recipient Institution
2017 Jackson Roberts Auburn University
2016 Raphael Orelis-Ribeiro Auburn University
2015 Skylar Hopkins Virginia Tech
2014 Adonis McQueen /  Brigette Brinton Univ.  of South Florida /  Savannah State Univ
2013 Alice E. Houk Virginia Tech
2012 Elizabeth Gleim University of Georgia
2011 Carrie Umberger College of Charleston
2010 Rick Gernold University of Georgia
2009 Dawn Roelig University of Georgia
2008 Heather Stockdale Auburn University
2007 Andrew McElwain Middle Tennessee State University
2006 Tiffany G. Baker College of Charleston
2005 Fransico Palomeque  
2004 Michael J. Yabsley University of Georgia
2003 Alyssa Kunz  
2002 Deborah M. Lai  
2001 Megan R. Collins  
2000 Michael Barger / Allison K. Witherow  
1999 Kelly Still  
1998 Chris A. Hall University of Georgia
1997 Derek A. Zelmer  
1996 Vina R. Diderrich  
1995 Julia S. Jackson  
1994 Lance W. Fontenot  
1993 Rebecca A. Cole / Chrystal Mars  
1992 Fred J. Herndon  
1991 Sara R. Davis  
1990 Shelia A. Peel  
1989-1975 Bryd-Dunn Recipients 1989-1975 (PDF).  

Ciordia-Porter-Stewart Undergraduate Paper Award

Year Recipient Institution
2017 Carly Haygood So. Illinois University
2016 Abigail Willemse Berry College
2015 John Doran Virginia Tech
2014 Candice Alge College of Charleston
2013 Frank W. Soveg Southern Illinois University
2012 Zachary Adkins College of Charleston